To Serge with Love
Season 2.1, Episode 07
Air Date March 12, 2011
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To Serge with Love is the seventh episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on March 12, 2011.


New foreign exchange student Bianca (Kristina Virro) only speaks Bajikistani, so when she tries to talk to Principal Malone her words fall on deaf ears. Porter gives Carl the ability to speak Bajikistani, and he becomes her official translator.

As Carl puts it, she is the 'female Serge', and sure enough Serge soon falls for her. But when Carl tries to translate his compliments, Bianca thinks that it is Carl who is saying them, and she falls for him. Serge is very jealous when he sees them together but Carl pities him and gives him a makeover to make him more attractive to Bianca. Meanwhile Porter, Denise, and Dr. Cassabi are forced to recalibrate their magic after it keeps going wrong.