Taking Care of Quiz-ness
Season 2.1, Episode 06
Air Date February 26, 2011
Previous Err a Parent
Next To Serge with Love

Taking Care of Quiz-ness is the sixth episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on February 26, 2011.


Porter volunteers Carl for the roles of understudy and captain on Bennett High's Quizzomatics game show team. His team-mates are Brittany, Jane, Serge and Alex, although he quickly becomes impatient as they struggle to comprehend the workings of a buzzer.

Fearing that even if they do overcome this incomprehension they will be battered by rivals Terendale High, Carl and Serge decide to do some espionage, but an alarm sounds and Carl asks Porter to beam Serge away. Although Carl and Porter escape punishment at school, Porter looks likely to face expulsion from the AIT programme for use of magic on a minor.

Meanwhile, the team reaches the final of the competition, but Alex is taken ill and Carl is forced to step in. He stutters his way through questions and looks set to lose the competition for Bennett. Porter explains how his magic has helped Carl and creates a video link to the quiz, where Carl's successful answering of the last question convinces the judge to dismiss Porter's case.

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