Wingin' It Serge Delvecchio

Serge (Sebastian Hearn) is Bennett High's jock. He is the captain of every athletic team at school. His life is sports and pizza...and making Carl's life miserable.

Every time he sees Carl, he can't resist the chance to make fun of him. Lucky for Carl, Serge is easily confused and distracted and can usually be tricked into leaving Carl alone. Serge often talks in third person about his self. He and Brittney seem to be good friends seeing that they are both popular.

Serge Delvecchio is played by Sebastian Hearn

Episodes he stars in

Series 1:

Series 2:

  • Under her spell (briefly)
  • Me Carl, You Jane-ish (briefly)
  • Bully Elliot
  • Montclaire on the air
  • Taking Care of Quiz-ness
  • To Serge With Love
  • All Lizards go to heaven (part 1 and 2 briefly)
  • Best Before Date
  • Carl+Alt+delete
  • Magical Kiss-tery tour(briefly)

Shadow Serge

Shadow Serge is a girly gir who helps Brittany but is concered about breaking a nail or doing hard work.