Reel Trouble
Season 2.1, Episode 11
Wingin It Reel Trouble
Air Date April 22, 2011
Previous Best Before Date
Next Carl+Alt+Delete

Reel Trouble is the eleventh episode of Season 2.1 which was first broadcast on April 22, 2011.


Jane could not be more excited when she wins Bennett High a preview screening of the film adaptation of her favourite science fiction book, Cosmonaut Claire. Jane asks Carl to preview the DVD before the screening.

When the DVD player malfunctions, Porter attempts a magical fix, but accidentally beams Space Pirate Bruce (Jamie Johnston) out of the film. Porter and Carl chase Bruce around the school and manage to send him back into the film, but Jane accidentally gets sucked in with him and assumes the role of Cosmonaut Claire.

Carl must go into the movie himself and defeat Bruce in order to bring Jane back to the real world. Porter transports Carl into the movie and Cosmonaut Carl helps Cosmonaut Claire (Jane) save the universe. Just as Porter is about to transport them back, Cosmonaut Claire (Jane) gives Cosmonaut Carl a kiss. Once outside the movie, Jane doesn't remember a thing that happened.

In the alternate ending that aired on April 25, Carl and Jane take a vacation on planet Beachtonia after saving the universe, later joined by Porter and Denise. Carl is then shown back in the real world still watching the DVD, suggesting that Carl fantasized the whole adventure.

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