Porter Jackson (Demetrius Joyette) is a A.I.T. under Dr. Cassabi supervision. His current assignment is Carl Montclaire and he must make Carl the most popular kid at school in order to get his wings. He has a way with words and is friends with everyone at Bennett High.


Funny, good-looking, and laid-back by nature, Porter believes he can easily take on any challenge that comes his way. However, when disaster rises from Porter's attempts to aid Carl's unlucky affairs, the unruffled angel's worrisome side tends to surface.


Porter boasts that he could make any kid popular, but in Carl Montclaire it looks like he may have met his match. However, thanks to him Carl's popularity increases, although he has not yet become popular enough for Porter to be granted his angel wings.

Despite helping Carl in his attempts to ask out Jane in season 2.1, it is revealed in Magical Kiss-Tery Tour that he and Jane secretly have feelings for each other, forcing Carl into a difficult decision. When the series resumes, there has thus far been no sign of the Porter-Jane relationship reappearing.

His exact age is currently unknown but in the episode Heaven must be missing an Angel he reveals to Carl he has been rapping since about 1300 which means his at least 700+ years old.

In the last episode of Series 3, which is episode 10; Porter finally gets his wings and is forced to leave Carl.