Malone's Your Uncle
Season 2.2, Episode 11
Air Date December 3, 2011
Previous I Kinda Always Knew I'd Be Your Lex-Boyfriend
Next We'll Always Have Detention

Malone's Your Uncle is the eleventh episode of the season 2.2 which was first broadcast on December 3, 2011.


When Carl meets Bennett High's new British exchange student, Tinsley, he is determined to date her. But when he tries to ask her uncle, Principal Malone, for permission, he inadvertently volunteers to be Junior Vice-Principal.

Around Principal Malone, Carl is forced to be a model student, but Tinsley only wants to date a bad boy. When Carl's good boy/bad boy personas start to overlap, he must figure out how to stay out of trouble with Principal Malone, while still impressing Tinsley with his bad behaviour.

Meanwhile, Brittany and Jane embark on a new business venture selling scarf-purses to students, only to discover that their product is giving everyone a sore neck.

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