Magical Kiss-Tery Tour
Season 2.1, Episode 13
Wingin It MagicalKiss
Air Date June 15, 2011
Previous Carl+Alt+Delete
Next Fright Club (aka Hold for Halloween)

Magical Kiss-Tery Tour is the thirteenth and last episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on June 15, 2011.


When Carl can't pluck up the courage to ask Jane out, Porter enchants him with a magical kiss spell. But the magic goes awry when Carl kisses the wrong girl. The spell is passed around like an epidemic, and Porter reveals that it can only be broken if two people who actually have feelings for each other kiss.

If this happens, then not only will the spell break, but both people will see fireworks. When the spell reaches Jane, Porter offers to kiss her in order to remove the spell. But when he does and the spell breaks, Carl is both shocked and devastated to learn that Porter and Jane like each other. He tells Jane how he feels about her, but that he is now over it and things will go back to their normal friendship.

In the end, Denise tells Carl that Jane is missing out and that she's never been kissed before. In response to this, Carl kisses her and walks away. After he leaves, Denise sees fireworks.