Lucy in the Sky with Carl
Season 2.2, Episode 01
Wingin It Lucy in the Sky with Carl
Air Date October 1, 2011
Previous Reality Bites
Next Hands Solo

Lucy in the Sky with Carl is the first episode of season 2.2 which was first broadcast on October 1, 2011.


When Carl helps out Porter by going undercover to work his shift at the Angel Café, he is a hit with the patrons, especially a group of Angel in Training students who get insight from Carl about human behaviour.

When a mischievous young Angel, Lucy, discovers Carl is a human, she accompanies him down to Earth. She is determined to learn more about the mysterious human, leaving Carl and Porter scrambling to cover up her magical misdeeds


  • While Denise is mentioned in this episode to be waiting on Jupiter saving a spot for Porter so he can watch the comet she does not appear in person on this episode.
  • This is the 3 time Carl has been in Heaven the first 2 times being in All lizards go to Heaven.