Wingin' It Jane Casey

Jane Casey

Jane Casey (Brittany Adams) is the smart and slightly geeky friend of Carl Montclaire. They have known each other since they were 6.

She is the editor of the Bennett Newshound and fact checks every story and is determined to find out the truth, no matter what she has to do.



Jane is the smartest kid at Bennett High and not self-conscious about it. She's always looking for a new club to join and leads many of them, including the school newspaper. She is pro-active and not only writes the school play in season one but also picks the cast and eventually stars in it herself.

It is proven in Series 1 and 2 that Carl has Romantic Feelings for Jane, but she doesn't return them. Although, during Series 3, from the Episode Practical Romance, Jane and Carl share a kiss to help Carl with his date and from then on, Jane gains a crush on Carl. Also, they finally get together after help from Denise in another Series 3 episode, What I Re-Like About You.

She is unaware of Carl's true feelings for her in season 1 and 2, and doesn't know that she is hurting his feelings when she shares a kiss with Porter in Magical Kiss-tery Tour. She only finds out afterwards, and feels guilty and slightly depressed about the romantic triangle.

However, upon the resumption of the series, the Jane-Porter relationship does not re-materialise, and Carl has also got over his previous feelings for Jane. She is the only person who knows about Porter and Denise being A.I.T's. It is shown Carl and Jane got back together and got married in the future.


  1. A father who is a Elvis impersonator.
  2. An unknown mother

Shadow Jane

In the shadow dimension where Carl was trapped Jane was a charecter more like Brittany. She is also a friend of Porter who says modern terms.

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