Inhabitation magic.

Inhabitation Magic is advanced angel Magic which existence is revealed in the episode Under Her Spell. This advanced form of Angel magic allows the A.I.T. or full angel to swap body with another item or person (Porter inhabited Carls body to talk with Jane on his behalf to calm Jane down when she was in her investigator mode.) However things can go terribly wrong and it wouldnt be a wingin it episode if things didnt indeed go wrong. There's a rule in the Angel Textbook forbidding A.I.T's the use of inhabitation magic. According to Full Angels Denise heard it would be to advanced to risky to bla bla bla at which she states that rules were made to be broken and that it helps that she's really good at breaking rules. After that Denise performs inhabitation magic and gets into the raccoon puppet and scares the puppet show handler and then snaps her fingers to get out of the puppet. However she wasnt able to get out even while she snapped her fingers(the way Denise sends her magic) Dr Cassabi then tells that he feels sorry for Denise but that he warned her that inhabitation magic can go badly wrong. The reason is because the angel who does the magic has to undo it (which is hard when your tea pot or a sugar dispencer or a raccoon puppet.)

In the episode Under Her Spell Dennis is called into Dr. Cassabi's office and congratulates Denise with her birthday only to have the complete oblivious Dennis ask who Denise is cause his Dennis. Dr Cassabi then tells Dennis the story about Denise after which he left Denise used inhabitation magic on a raccoon puppet while Dr Cassabi went upstairs. Thus Denise has Been trapped in the raccoon puppet for 400 years. Denise finally got out of the raccoon puppet 400 years later thanks to Porter Jackson strong natural magic abilities


  • Inhabation Magic is an advanced and dangerous magic kind in which lots of this can go wrong.
  • Its such advanced and potentionaly dangerous magic that there's even a rule forbidding A.I.T's from using it. Then again that doesnt stop rebellious A.I.T.'s with strong natural abilities like Porter and Denise
  • The Reason why inhabitation goes wrong many times is because the angel who did it has to undo it. Which is a bit of a pickle if your trapped in a sugar dispencer or a tea pot or a raccoon puppet)
  • At least two Full Angels Dr. Cassabi knows have gotten into problems due to inhabitation magic going wrong.