Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel
Season 2.2, Episode 09
Air Date November 19, 2011
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Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel is the ninth episode of the season 2.2 of Wingin' It which was first broadcast on November 19, 2011.


The tables are turned for once when Porter is the one who is lovesick and Carl has to play matchmaker. Porter has fallen for JenJen, an Angel in Training he met up in Heaven, but, unfortunately, whenever he is around her he makes an utter fool of himself.

When Carl volunteers to help Porter write a love letter, a furious Denise, who is dating Carl, assumes Carl is in love with JenJen himself, which causes even more trouble. Meanwhile, when Serge and Alex discover a treasure trove of lost objects on the school's roof, they open a shop to sell the items, but will they work as business partners?