Err a Parent
Season 2.1, Episode 05
Air Date February 19, 2011
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Err a Parent is the fifth episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on February 19, 2011.


Porter forges the signature of his father, Artie Jackson (Arnold Pinnock), so that he can go on a school field trip. Principal Malone is intrigued and wishes to meet Artie, whom Carl impersonates over the phone.

However, Carl's mom overhears the conversation and thinks that Porter's dad is downstairs. Denise arrives and transforms herself into Artie Jackson, but she uses her disguise to embarrass Porter and attempt to have him transferred out of Bennett High.

Porter fights fire with fire by mimicking his mother, Portia, and delays the signing of the forms for long enough as Denise begins to turn back into herself.