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Dennis (Left) and Dr. Cassabi.

Dennis is a raccoon puppet who appeared frequently throughout the first series often being sent to check up on Porter and Carl. He is seen hanging out with Dr. Cassabi in his office.

In Under Her Spell Dennis gets caught in Porter's body swap spell and is revealed to be an AIT named Denise Simmons who had previously performed a body swap on a raccoon puppet and ended up becoming stuck in the body of the puppet. At the beginning of the episode, Carl gets stuck in the body of Dennis while Denise gets stuck in Carl's body. By the end of the episode, Carl is back in his own body, Denise now has a human body and the raccoon puppet has disappeared.


  • Dennis the raccon puppet is portrayed by Matt Ficner and Mike Petersen
  • Dennis the raccoon puppet is an example of how inhabitation magic can go badly wrong if you dont know how to use it.