Carl and Denise's first kiss.


Kendra and Dylan messing around.


Carnise is the romantic/friendship paring between Carl Montclaire and Denise Simmons.

They date for a few episodes in Season 2, but break up in 'I Kinda Always Knew I'd Be Your Lex-Boyfriend" due to the fact that Denise could be removed from Earth and never become a full angel. Its rivals are Cane, Crittney, and Portise.

Other Names

Darl (D/enise+C/arl)
Canise (C'a/rl+De/nise)

Carise (Car/l+Den/ise)



Carnise Moments

The following is a set a moments in each episode in Wingin' It. Please only add true moments, and no false information or you could get severely blocked. Please contribute more information if you have any.

All Lizards Go To Heaven Part 2

  • Denise said, "Carl MontClare dancing, eating eclares, and yodeling equals cute."
  • Denise asks Carl to takes her on a date.
  • When Carl says,"Ready?" Denise replies,"For our date?"

Magical Kiss-Tery

  • Denise tries to help Carl get Jane.
  • When Porter say,"If Carl is going to get a kiss, I'm going to be the one giving it to him." they exchanged a playful smirk.
  • Denise tries to confort Carl when Jane rejects him.
  • Carl gives Denise her first kiss.
  • Denise sees fireworks after the kiss and fireworks only appear when you kiss someone you really like and 
     they like you back.

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