Bully Elliot
Season 2.1, Episode 03
Air Date February 12, 2011
Previous Me Carl, You Jane-ish
Next Montclaire on the Air

Bully Elliot is the third episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on February 12, 2011.


When the girl's soccer team reaches the semi-finals and then the final, Bennett High's regular coach is not available to teach Carl's class the badminton unit.

An upper school student takes the role and sets about bullying the class into submission, with a particular penchant for abusing Carl, even out of lessons. Carl eventually takes a stand against the bully by challenging him to a game of badminton, which he wins with Porter's 'assistance'.

The bully refuses to step down as coach but is sacked from his position when Porter's magic gives him hallucinations and he yells at the class, and his outburst is heard by the coach and Principal Malone.

Note that this episode premiered between seasons during Family Channel's Stand Up! Week.

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