Best Before Date
Season 2.1, Episode 10
Wingin' it Best Before Date
Air Date March 25, 2011
Previous All Lizards Go to Heaven (Part 2)
Next Reel Trouble

Best Before Date is the tenth episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on March 25, 2011.


Jane organises the annual Cool Guy Charity Auction, where the boys are sold to the girls, who bid with their own money which goes to auction. Jane's aim is to bid on all the boys to up the bids to as high as possible, and although Porter has hatched a plan to get Jane and Carl to go together, Brittany has thought things through for once, and she tricks Jane into buying Porter for $200.

Brittany then buys Carl for a tenner, because she doesn't really want a date, she wants to sing for concert star Fefe Dobson. Porter tries unsuccessfully to make Jane jealous of Brittany by giving Carl and Brittany backstage passes. There, Brittany auditions to Fefe, but is left embarrassed and Carl is forced to cheer her up.

Porter gives up on the cryptic trail and tells Jane flat out that Carl likes her, but she sees Brittany and Carl kissing. The next day Jane does seem jealous when Brittany says that she and Carl are a couple, and Carl breaks up with Brittany with the intention of asking out Jane. But she stops him in his tracks and tells him she was only worried about him as a friend, much to Carl's well concealed annoyance.

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