Angel on Hippocampus
Season 03, Episode 06
Air Date June 18, 2012
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Angel on Hippocampus is the sixth episode of the third season of Wingin'it which was broadcast for the first time on June 18, 2012.


Jane gets arrested for being a human with unauthorised knowledge of angels. She is going to have her whole memory erased. Porter and Carl try to prove she is trustworthy. Meanwhile, Brittany and Serge have a 'rumour off' to see who is going to be Presisdent of the rumour club and Alex wins a computer science prize.


  • Dylan Everett as Carl Montclaire
  • Demetrius Joyette as Porter Jackson
  • Brittany Adams as Jane Casey
  • Brian White as Alex Rodriquez
  • Hannah Lochner as Brittany Hanson
  • Sebastian Hearn as Serge Delvecchio


  • Kendra Timmins as Denise Simmons


  • Prior to Airing Wingin it was going to be called angel on campus
  • Porter says everything in Heaven is white but Carl and Jane's clothes stayed the same. However, this may be because they are only visitors to Heaven.