The Angel Flu is a flu that is introduced in the episode One Flu Over the Talent Show. The existence of the angel flu is revealed due to Dr. Cassabi calling Porter in his office because one of the A.I.T's which is in the same class as Porter had caught the angel Flu and so Dr.Cassabi warned Porter of the angel flu and asked him if he felt any different then usual. According to Dr.Cassabi the angel flu is no laughing stock but rather a frowning matter. It shares many symptoms with its human counterpart only there are a few differences. An angel under influence of the angel flu looses complete control of his or her magic and when he or she sneeses he or she will randomly change things for example hairstyle or turning a book in a giant drinking package. While the official way of treating it is unknown the docters at Halo clinic know how to treat it.

Known events caused by the Angel Flu

  • Porter Jackson's angel flu contested angel magic causing Carl to sing different singing style's each time after Porter nodded towards Carl.
  • Dr. Cassabi's angel flu contested angel magic caused him to somehow hang the rings around Saturnus.


  • Due to the Angel flu it is revealed that Angels are warmer then humans considering Porter was over 160.
  • The angel flu caused Dr.Cassabi's at first assigned supervisor to grow sick at which he was replaced by Ms. Stern.
  • This is the first and only sickness to be revealed to exsist in the wingin it series.
  • It might be that the Angel Flu is harmless to humans because humans dont posess magic.