The A.B.I or fully said Angel bureau of Investigation is an angel bureau which investigates serious Angel crimes.Crimes like for example using the illegal regeneration magic. Currently the top man at the A.B.I is agent 45. The bureau is His attempt to create a perfect crimefighting agency.

It is essently the Angel counterpart of the human Federal Bureau of investigation. When Carl asks if angels cant think off creative names for there agency's on there own Porter says that the A.B.I has been around a lot longer insinuating that it were actually the humans that couldnt think off a creative name for there agency.

As mentioned before the A.B.I will only come to investigate when serious crimes are commited which is known to have occured when the magic transgression alarm goes off. Dr Cassabi states that the A.B.I. coming down to investigate is something to really be taking serious and you should keep at your toes when there around.

Once they find and arrest the culprit the angel in question is taking to angel jail. Depending on how bad the crime is the A.B.I. can call upon a special court called The angel court. This court only does a few cases every few centuries.

Known Operatives

  • Agent 1 (mentioned by agent 45 to be to limpy)
  • Agent 2 (mentioned by agent 45 to be to slow)
  • Agent 3 (mentioned by agent 45 to be good though he lacks inniative)
  • Agent 45 (Top man at the A.B.I. and according to himself the perfect agent and mister right)


  • The A.B.I is the angel counterpart off the human F.B.I