Almost Too Famous
Season 01, Episode 12
Wingin 'it Almost Too Famous
Air Date December 26, 2010
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Almost Too Famous is the twelfth episode of the first season which was first broadcast on December 26, 2010.


Carl bemoans the fact that everyone, including his family, is ignoring him, so Porter magically makes him the center of attention. Carl enjoys the attention at first but eventually becomes too popular with everyone, including Principal Malone, who invents a Carl theme song.

Porter tries to divert fame onto someone else but that only makes matters worse. Eventually Carl exits the spotlight by giving someone else their 15 minutes of fame.

Meanwhile, Jane is dismayed to find Brittany has joined the school newspaper staff. But Jane soon discovers that instead of stinking up the paper, Brittany turns it into a going concern and threatens to push Bennett's resident newshound off the front page!