All Lizards Go to Heaven (Part 2)
Season 2.1, Episode 09
Air Date March 14, 2011
Previous All Lizards Go to Heaven (Part 1)
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All Lizards Go to Heaven (Part 2) is the ninth episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on March 14, 2011.


The double bill resumes with Carl in the courtroom, but his testimony is shaky and when Porter calls Dr. Cassabi as his lawyer he just spouts off a long list of courtroom catchphrases, and is dismissed by the tribunal.

Carl is returned to Earth, where he talks Denise into helping him help Porter, although she requests that he take her on a date. The tribunal rules that Porter be expelled from the AIT programme and tries to expel him to oblivion, but Carl and Denise arrive in time.

They bring with them several AITs from around the World, who have been inspired by Porter to use regeneration magic. A graphic shows the use of regeneration magic occurring across the globe, and the show of solidarity changes the court's mind about expelling Porter. Carl and Denise date at the end, and although this is not shown, it is a sign of things to come between them.