All Lizards Go to Heaven (Part 1)
Season 2.1, Episode 08
Air Date March 14, 2011
Previous To Serge with Love
Next All Lizards Go to Heaven (Part 2)

All Lizards Go to Heaven (Part 1) refers to the eighth episode of season 2.1 which was first broadcast on March 14, 2011.


Becky leaves her pet lizard alone in the house with Carl and Porter, but forgets to shut the cage. As a result the lizard escapes and is trodden on by Carl. Porter panics when he hears Becky returning and performs regeneration magic on the lizard.

But this is a banned practice, and Agent 45 (Scott Thompson) is sent down to Earth to arrest the culprit. After interviewing several of Porter's friends he makes no progress, so decides to arrest Denise instead. Porter can't stand to see Denise taking the blame, so he owns up to the crime. Agent 45 arrests him and releases Denise, but Porter pleads not guilty and is sent to court for a trial. He calls Carl as his first witness.

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