Alex in Slumberland
Season 2.2, Episode 05
Wingin' It Alex in Slumberland
Air Date October 22, 2011
Previous Without a Paddle
Next I Carlie

Alex in Slumberland is the fifth episode of season 2.2 of Wingin' It which was first broadcast on October 22, 2011.


Alex is staying with Carl and Porter and he is driving them nuts with his sleepless habits. Porter uses angel-magic to put Alex to sleep but, when Alex will not wake up, Carl and Porter have no choice but to wake him from inside his dream.

Failing to wake Alex and narrowly escaping capture from a cast of kooky dream characters, Porter beams back to the real world only to discover he brought back the dream version of Carl, leaving the real Carl trapped in Alex's dream. In the meantime, Denise is excited for her first date with Carl, but is left fuming when he does not show.


  • This is the only episode in which Alex plays a mayor role in the episode plot.

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