The A.I.T Revision council is a council consisting off 3 Adult Angels who handle the requests from A.I.T's who have been out off the A.I.T. Program due to a incidental reason for a long time for a new A.I.T assignment.

The A.I.T in question's supervisor requests the case. When the A.I.T's case is on he or she has to stand before the A.I.T Revision council and convince them that he or she is ready to get back in the A.I.T program. After the A.I.T has finished the A.I.T's supervisor is allowed to add comment. After that the Revision Council together with one high ranking Angel (in the only known case it was the supervisor off the A.I.T in questions supervisor Ms Stern)discuss the matter and will come to a decision.

When the council has come to a conclusion there are two things that can happen.

  1. The A.I.T has convinced the council and will get a new A.I.T. assignment.
  2. The A.I.T didnt convince the council and wont get a new A.I.T assignment.

As shown in the Episode me "Me Carl, You Jane-ish" if something suddenly happens like the fact that the A.I.T did bad magic which is against the angel rules the council can re-decide that the A.I.T isn't fit for the program yet and have his or her case denied.